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Top Three OT Exercises To Stimulate Your Child’s Brain

Though classroom and homework seem worlds away, your child’s brain still needs stimulation during the summer months. I recommend three easy and effective BrainGym exercises that not only stimulate your child’s brain but also offer other benefits such as preventing car sickness,  reducing anxiety, and increasing balance, focus […]

The Hugging Regimen

I often send people I care about a virtual “deep pressure hug” through a text message or on WhatsApp…but that sure doesn’t beat the real thing! What will lower blood pressure, increas oxytocin levels, decreas stress, and boost immunity? What will lead to deeper sleep and greater happiness […]

Simple Steps To Help Your Child Tolerate Touch

Danny is a sweet fourth grade boy who loves to play sports –especially contact sports like tackle football. (I can’t imagine choosing to play a game where I’d willingly be tackled.) But, although Danny enjoyed the crude physical crashes of his chosen sport, he didn’t allow either of his parents […]

Sensory Integration & Your Child

What is Sensory Integration? Sensory Integration (SI) describes the brain’s ability to absorb information from our senses, organize it, and respond appropriately. In essence, it is the organization of the senses that provide each of us with an understanding of ourselves and the world. When our sensory integration […]