Make Appointment

Make An Appointment

Please follow the two steps below to ensure that your child is prepared for the first appointment.

1. Please email us at or call us at 917-573-5540 to schedule an appointment. If we are with another client, please leave a message.

When you call expect we’ll ask for your name and address; the child’s name and age; some basic information about your child’s medical history; your main concern and reason for therapy; and any special or specific needs you and the child may have.

Please Note: If our schedule is extremely booked, our policy is to schedule appointments upon receipt of your client questionnaires, below. We will let you know during your first call if this is the case. Thank you for your understanding.

2. Prior to your appointment, please download and fill in the two client questionnaires, below and mail to: Miriam Manela,Thrive Occupational Therapy, 68 Ascension Street, Passaic, New Jersey, 07055. Alternately, you may email them to: We may request that you fill in other questionnaires if we feel they will help us understand your child better.

Please Note: These forms are used to assess the client through the eyes of his/her caregivers.  These assessments help me understand the functional difficulties that your child may be experiencing on a daily basis, and the unique, underlying contributing factors. The few minutes invested in filling out these questionnaires are important to your child’s success in therapy. You may also find these forms on the Client Forms page of


Please fill out the first two pages by checking all that apply. Please fill out the last three pages by checking any/all the issues that you would like addressed during therapy. If some issues are priorities for you, please prioritize by using numbers in the circles instead of checks. If you’d like to do this with your child (assuming he is old enough to be part of the process), please use two different color pens, one for your priorities and one for your child’s.


Fill out as thoroughly as possible.


Please fill out HIPAA form.

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