Miriam’s Joy

Helping Parents and Kids Get In-Sync

I’d love to share with you the things that energize me, inspire me, and bring me joy. Many of my favorite things are related to occupational therapy, healing, and helping children and their families. Some of my favorite things are related to being a mom. Also, life in general. I’d love to fill this space with running ruminations—keep checking back because there may be some surprises!

I’m also interested in hearing from you—the people, places, and things that keep you going, make you happy, make you strong. What inspires you? Your comments are very welcome. Feel free to post them, below or email me at miriam at otthrive.com.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

1012-12-pictures-062-croppedParents and Kids In-Sync. The feeling that I have when I’m able to help a mom and child connect in a new, healthier way—that’s probably the most satisfying moment of my work as an occupational therapist. As a mom—of three boys—I know how important it is to be in sync with your child, anticipating and understanding their needs, and also making sure you are taking care of yourself.

id-100205632My Children’s Growth. It is so special when one of my children shares his feelings spontaneously (after all, this isn’t something that many boys often do.) Recently, one of my sons opened up and told me that he was having a hard time.

Seeing the emotional progress—whatever that child is working on—is rewarding, even if the progress takes the form of dealing with uncomfortable emotions.

As a mom, I know that it’s my job to say: I see how hurt you but I’m so proud of the fact that you are talking about it and working through it. My job isn’t to solve all their problems, but to help them understand and face them.

1317287_75998813Acceptance and Change. I’ve worked on getting to the point that when things go not the way I’ve planned, I’m able to say: God, this is what I had planned today, but I accept that You’ve decided my task today is different. I sometimes enter a session a certain way, but then a child responds in an unexpected way and I have to change the “plan”.


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