A Poem about Occupational Therapy

This is a beautiful poem shared by a client I had evaluated in Israel. She is currently being treated by an occupational therapist (OT) that I had the pleasure to meet and to train while I was providing workshops and courses. I am very delighted and proud of how this client is doing, how the techniques I taught in the workshops are benefitting both the OT and the client, and how family dynamic with the client has improved. I hope you enjoy reading this poem.

There’s tension, there’s stress
There’s no day, there’s no night
I’m zooming at 300 mph
And trying to hold on tight

He’s always a mile ahead
I need four eyes or more
There’s danger lurking at every corner
And trouble keeps knocking on the door

I’m totally out of breath
I admit I cannot cope
I’m tugging and tugging
And feel like I’m at the end of the rope

I make a firm decision
I’ll sign up for OT
Let a therapist do some magic work
And I’ll just wait and see

Did I really sign up for weekly trips?
The journeys are murderous – please give me a break
He insists on hanging on the handle bars of the bus
And it’s a 20 minute ride for goodness sake!

The sessions are amazing
He loves spinning and rolling that’s for sure
I’m beginning to see how much input he needs
And how his body is just craving for more

But as I’m about to leave
The OT shows me some interventions
“if you could do those movements with him daily…”
She smiles, as she casually mentions

I raise one eyebrow
And then swallow silently
Does she not realise I cannot do anything more
I’m clinging onto my sanity

Six months pass
And I see huge change
I feel something’s different
And that feeling is very strange

I can actually go off high alert
I can throw off lots of anxiety
I have so much more time
And loads more positive energy

It’s then that I think about the movements
The rocking and the butterfly
Who knows, I feel invigorated
And really tempted to try

I lay my son down on his back
And look into his eyes
He’s calmly looking back at me
I feel his breathing and I begin to cry

I turn up the music
And start rocking to the beat
His eyes are looking deeply into mine
And now our hearts meet

With every passing second
I feel more and more connection
I’m overwhelmed with emotion
And with unconditional affection
It’s been a tough ride

And we still have some way to go
But I’m a new mother and he’s a new son
With a bond we didn’t have six months ago!

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