Why the night? – A Poem for Chanukah

My dear friend and colleague, Rifkie Bennatan, wrote this poem that I’m sharing in this post. It describes the holiday of Chanukah. As you are celebrating the holiday with family and friends, I wish you a very wonderful Chanukah.

Why the night?

The night so dark, unknown and stark
scared and taut, a pounding heart,
Feeling torn apart.
When will depart
This fright?

When the daylight’s finally here
The sky is clear
We’re full of good cheer
I’ve got a joke to share
So pull up a chair
I don’t have a care
Cuz everywhere’s
So bright

Can’t the sun shine in the sky, all the time?
Why all those tensions and sighs,
The tears and the bitter goodbyes?
Why not fly high, easy as pie
What gains can I buy
In the night?

Shine a light
In the dark of night
You’ll see black and white,
Wrong and right
There’s no inner fight
Cuz the truth is so bright
That’s what’s in sight
In the night

It’s a way to see, that sets one free
Of the petty things that aren’t me
And that’s the key, it’s a clarity
That can only be,
In the night

Take that truth with you, it’s something new
Make it part of you
A clearer hue
Gain a sharper view, in the daytime too
You’ll realize you grew
In the night

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