The Heart of a Young Woman with Sensory Processing Disorder

The poem below was written by a dear client who is 21 years old. She wrote it about a year ago and wanted to express her feelings of what it is like experiencing life with sensory processing disorder. This client is very sensitive to sounds and certain foods, which is what I described as the “Princess and the Pea” in my book, The Parent-Child Dance. Her sensitivity to sounds and foods heavily affects her ability to work and participate in family and social functions. She recently gave me permission to post this written work, and I wanted to share it so that those who can relate to the feelings expressed in this poem can feel a sense of validation. In addition, I hope it will provide insight into how people with sensory processing disorder feel and experience life so that those who do not experience this disorder may understand.

People who experience sensory processing disorder can feel alone and different, and these bottled up, complicated feelings can make it more difficult to regulate themselves when they are overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. Poetry can be for anyone, and I find that those who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally are able to express themselves beautifully through this medium. Find out what’s going on in this young woman’s heart.

My client would also love to read any comments or thoughts you may have about her poem, so please leave a comment.

I feel so stuck
So different than the rest
Everything is difficult
I can’t rest

The world so large
I feel so small
I feel scared
Everyone feels so tall

I can’t let in
I can’t let out
Why can’t I see
What the world is all about

Where are the people
Where am I
Why can’t I be free
Like the world passing by

I don’t know what I want
I can’t even say
I’m locked in myself
So far away

I dream of magic love
I dream of touch
I dream of the universe
I dream so much

Why can’t I feel
Why can’t I be
Why can’t I experience
Who is me

Why are things big
Why can’t they be small
Why are things so confusing
When they seem simple to all

Who am I
Who are you
If only I know how
As others do

The world goes by fast
I stay slow
Pls don’t give up
When I say no

Why can’t I say
Why can’t I do
Why can’t I be
Just like you

2 thoughts on “The Heart of a Young Woman with Sensory Processing Disorder

    1. The writer, was hoping for exactly this – for human-kind to understand what it feels like. I’ll let her know she touched a cord. Thanks for taking the time to write the comment!

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