Snapshot of “Breakfast for Families” Event

The following video is a brief snapshot of the event “Breakfast for Families” presented at Kean University for caregivers and family members of individuals with autism. I was presented this wonderful opportunity to be a key note speaker at this event. I spoke about my family history, background knowledge, and experiences with children and adults with developmental delays and disabilities as well as their caregivers. Throughout my experiences, I’ve noticed that caregivers often experience exhaustion and overwhelming feelings as they juggle with responsibilities of handling a child with special needs. To help alleviate some of that stress, I offered them strategies, tips, and techniques in order to take care of themselves, feel happier, and enjoy their relationship with their autistic child.

An example of the strategies discussed were utilizing various places to receive care for their child (in regards to babysitting) so they may be able to spend time with their friends or spouse. Other strategies were accessing and attending peer support groups, using sensory-based activities to address behaviors, and using counseling as a means to reach acceptance of the syndrome and empower them to help their children and advocate on their behalf so they can reach the pinnacle of what they’re capable of.


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