For Teachers: Breathing Activities To Improve Behavior and Learning In Your Classroom


For this vlog, I present two breathing exercises that teachers can use in the classroom. These exercises can strengthen a child’s inner core. A child with a weak inner core will breathe mostly with the belly in shallow, rapid breaths. Having a weak inner core could signify a child who has a hard time recovering from various types of stressful input. It could also affect the movement of the eyes, reading, and hand-eye coordination. Breathing helps to regulate the body’s systems and increases a child’s ability to focus and concentrate. Additionally, I have also found that the children I work with in my practice calm down far more quickly from tantrums 100% of the time when they practice breathing.

For more ideas on breathing exercises or even other type of exercises, please check out my book, The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide To Help You Understand and Shape Your Child’s Behavior.

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