Focus and Attention: How FORBRAIN Helps You Function  

I was stumped by a particularly challenging child, Andy, and I did research into how I could help him. The child in question was an 8 year old boy in a regular education classroom with a glaring diagnosis of ADHD. With lots of tutoring he was able to keep up in class but he had a hard time understanding the nuances of the material and perceiving shades of meaning in conversation. My biggest concern was that he had no facial or body affect.  A conversation in therapy would go something like this:

Me: “Andy, I heard you got a new zip line?”

Andy: “Yeah.”

Me: “Do you like it?”

Andy: “Yeah.”

Me: “When are you going to go on it again?”

Andy: “I don’t know.”

I decided to experiment with a highly successful technique from the tool chest I use for attention challenges called, FORBRAIN.


Many speech language therapists, occupational therapists and educational therapists use FORBRAIN for articulation and phonological disorders, as well as memory, processing, learning and concentration. People who speak in public and singers benefit from this tool before their public appearances as it improves voice and speech, making them sound more lively and captivating.  I use it all the time!

What in the world is this FORBRAIN gizmo?

It’s a specialized headset that combines the 2 types of sound conduction processes we all use – a bone conduction transducer and a dynamic audio filter – and uses them to amplify your frequencies and enhance your voice, allowing you to evaluate your own voice and speech.

Although it can be used on anybody from age 2 years old and up, students can benefit from FORBRAIN by doing their homework and reading their lessons out loud.  Not only is it proven to improve concentration and help avoid getting distracted, it also accelerates the learning process and develops memory.

For Andy it was unbelievable!  After—- weeks/months of using FORBRAIN at home, our conversations sound more like this:

Andy: (initiating conversation!) “Ms. Miriam, I saw a great toy in this magazine that I think you would like!”

Me: “Really? Tell me about it!”

Andy: “Yeah, it spins and it looks good”

What can I say, I’m hooked.

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