Special To Imamother: Interview With Miriam Manela

!cid_5D73DE37-818B-4EB6-AF6A-29977E122FC5@hsd1_mi_comcast_netSPECIAL TO IMAMOTHER.COM:

An Interview with pediatric behavior specialist, Miriam Manela, OTR, founder of Thrive Occupational Therapy and author of The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide to Help you Understand and Shape Your Child’s Behavior.

Interviewer: Why did you write The Parent-Child Dance?

Miriam Manela: For over a decade I’ve been teaching therapists and teachers, as well as parents and kids in my private practice and workshops, effective techniques that offer real help for children’s behavioral issues. The feedback I’ve gotten has been very positive. I wanted more parents to have these techniques in their repertoire. I believe the best way to reach the most people is by putting this vital information together in a book, so it could be available to everyone.

Read the rest at Imamother.com.


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