How to Relax

Why Don’t You Take A Deep Breath? Core-Breathing Video Part 1 With Miriam Manela

Author of The Parent-Child Dance, pediatric behavioral specialist, Miriam Manela, talks about this importance of breathing in this short video (part one).

To learn more the importance of core breathing as it effects your child, read The Parent-Child Dance.


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  1. As a massage therapist, I’m always amazed how many people breathe “wrong,” or paradoxically. It’s such a basic thing that can really help or hurt treatment and recovery. With my kids, it’s always the first thing I have them do when they’re overwhelmed or upset, and it works as well on me as it does on them. Thanks, Miriam, for the video.

  2. We all look for ways to cope better with daily stress. Thank you for teaching this basic deep breathing exercise. I am looking forward to implementing this in my day. Can’t wait to see Part 2. And congratulations on your new book “The Parent Child Dance”! Going to order that now.

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