The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide to Help You Understand And Shape Your Child’s Behavior


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the launch of my newly published book, The Parent-Child Dance, which was over a year in the making. It’s the first guide to help you understand and shape your children’s behavior, and develop a better relationship with them, without shame or blame.

It is packed with proven techniques to help with tantrums, anxiety, overly-rough behavior, over-sensitivity, aversions to common sensations such as touch, smell or noise, extreme talkativeness, and so much more. The activities are presented with clear step-by-step instructions and they are beautifully illustrated by Dena Ackerman. Best of all your don’t need any special training to do them and you can do them in your own home, on their own or as a support to other therapies.

Please see my book trailer (video) and get your copy of The Parent-Child Dance at today.

And have a wonderful day filled with acceptance, awareness, and joy,


P.S. If you benefit from the activities and insights in my book, please be sure to leave a review (a short one is fine) on my book page so others can benefit from your review.

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