Destination: Marbles, The Brain Store

marbleI have to tell you all about a wonderful place I stumbled upon at the Garden State Plaza Mall. It instantly captured my heart and became my new go-to shop for toys and games for children and teens.

Marbles, The Brain Store, is a chain of toy stores founded on the philosophy that kids have the most fun when they are allowed to use their brains and bodies to their full capacity. Marbles has a huge variety of games and toys that do not require batteries or plugs, and most of their inventory requires the use of the brain or body in a way that promotes growth and development.

The Marbles website includes sections devoted to games for critical thinking, memory, coordination, visual perception, and word skills. But don’t stop there; visit the store if you are able, for the full sensory experience.

You may be an adult, but there is something there for everyone. It might even take you back to the days when iPhones, Facebook, and YouTube did not exist and kids (and adults) somehow knew how to have a great time, together.

Recommended pickssquare up

An old favorite of mine is the game Square Up, by MindWare. Seeing it on the shelf was a blast from the past. It reminded me of the days when I was a kid, sitting on the family room floor, furiously shuffling the pieces around in order to beat my older cousin. (Although today we shy away from it, a little competition can be healthy.) The objective of Square Up is to shift multi-colored tiles around a frame in order to mimic a specific pattern, all before your opponent does the same.

spot itA more recent, ultra-popular hit is Spot It!, by Blue Orange. It’s an amazing game for developing eye focus and precise fine motor movement. This highly portable game (now in several versions), consists of a stack of circular cards, each depicting multiple random pictures. Each card has one and only one matching picture to any other given card, and the goal is to identify a match between two cards before your opponent. Highly competitive and fast-paced, but a load of fun!

What are your favorite games for promoting brain and body development?



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