Miriam On WCBS Radio

880 pic edited
Miriam Manela with Pat Carroll of WCBS-AM radio. Miriam received the WCBS-AM Cancer Treatment Centers Women Achievement Award.

Here’s a brief interview with me by Pat Carroll at WCBS radio. As a winner of the WCBS Cancer Treatment Centers Women’s Achievement Award, I got the chance to speak about my work at the Thrive Sensory Gym. If you haven’t yet seen the exciting therapy we do at our sensory gym, check out these photos.

3 thoughts on “Miriam On WCBS Radio

  1. To describe her behavioral approach so succinctly in a few words and few moments is marvelous.
    As a therapist myself, I’d like to make contact with her. Where is she located?

  2. Your explanation of the OT that you provide was impressive and consistent with what I’ve always heard about your program. The way that you put theory into application, is amazing. Your full-on approach to helping children, whereby enabling them to change, grow, and heal, is awesome.

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