10 Essential Steps to Effective OT

Are you clear on what’s happening in therapy with your child? Is your therapist clear? I believe that by committing to an open, evaluative, and responsive therapy process healing happens.

Here are the 10 essential steps I take to making each child’s OT a success:

1. Getting a broad and deep understanding of what each child’s issues are by listening carefully to the parent  and the child.

2. Performing a detailed initial evaluation.

3. Performing an ongoing evaluation of the child (throughout the course of therapy).

4. Sharing my findings with each parent, and when appropriate, the child.

5. Outlining clearly defined short term and long term goals and objectives and sharing goals, objectives, and recommendations with each parent, and when appropriate, the child.

6. Using methods, techniques, and interventions that are proven to be successful in related cases.

7. Using unique creative approaches gleaned from and developed during my years of experience, which have proven to be successful.

8. Being flexible—if one intervention isn’t working, trying another. If one method isn’t working, trying another.

9. Remaining committed to reaching goals and objectives using a variety of interventions and, if neccessary, modifying them or creating new ones.

10. Getting feedback from each parent and child and testing for success.

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