Where Behavior is Understood

Thrive! Occupational Therapy works with children’s challenging behaviors and is holistic in its view. Our focus and interest is in the depth of why kids do what they do.

The Thrive! practice is currently dedicated to providing a quality mental health occupational therapy treatment program that is personalized to the individual needs of each client. Through sessions and workshops, we help parents and teachers understand their children’s and students’ behaviors.  As each child is treated, each parent is guided to help their child become calmer, happier, and more focused.  Collaboration during and after individual treatment sessions reveals what each child’s behavior really is trying to tell the parent and offers insights into how to strengthen the child’s understanding of self and his interpersonal skills. It gives parents and children/teens the tools they need to help build a meaningful parent-child bond.  Common challenges include behavioral challenges of the dysregulated child, anxiety, fears, ADHD, ASD, ODD, trauma as well as other issues that Miriam has successfully treated for over 12 years. Parents and teachers are fascinated as they learn to be a childhood behavioral detective as well as how to treat it!

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