How To Handle Carsickness In Children

Most families love that relaxed summertime feeling.  Vacation, camp, and trips to the beach are everyone’s favorites. But all those car rides can lead to carsickness in some children. Unfortunately, many children, typically between the ages of five and twelve, […]

Puzzles For Little People

Spring and summer do have occasional rainy day, when it’s fun for kids (and parents) to huddle inside and watch the raindrops the pelting the windows.  On rainy days, old standbys such as paint-by-number kits, lanyard (remember that?), and of course […]

From My Bookshelf: The Velveteen Rabbit

More than 30,000 new children’s books are published in the United States each year, which is why choosing books for your children may seem overwhelming.  I don’t know about you, but when my boys were little I tended to gravitate towards the classic oldies-but-goodies […]


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